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A help center to support your customers in minutes. It's easy!

Notion is already a simple, beautiful way to organize your ideas and collaborate with your team. Notiondesk helps you save time by turning your Notion documents into a knowledge base service for your customers.

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Duplicate our Notion template

To help you get started, duplicated our Notion template to your workspace. Now you can use it to write your help center articles.

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Custom your Help center, use your own custom domain, match your brand design and add custom links.

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How Notiondesk works

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Make it easy for your customers to find what they need.

Reduce customer questions by providing a knowledge base that allows customers to resolve their own issues. Your customers will be happier, and you'll spend less time on support. Everyone wins.

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Custom domain

Use your own custom domain or use any notiondesk subdomains.


Help your international customers by providing a multilingual Knowledge Base.

Use Notion

Manage your content in one place and make it available to your Help Center.


Customize your help center with your brand.


SEO friendly so search engines can easily find your help center.


Help customers find what they are looking for quickly.

Focus on content

Focus on creating quality content and we'll do everything else.


Collaboration made easy with Notion - Work with your team on document in real time.

Everything you need to build a professional help center.

Multilingual Knowledge Base

Multilingual knowledge base is a great way to improve your customer service. It helps you reach out to international customers and help them in their own language.

What is a multilingual knowledge base?
Customize your help center


Change your help center's appearance to suit your brand. Customize your logo and menu, change the color scheme and links in your header and footer, or add HTML and CSS to customize the look and feel of every page.

Optimized for SEO

Your help center is optimized for search engines like Google, Bing and others. This way, you can focus on writing helpful content for your customers.

SEO friendly
Use your own custom domain

Custom domain

Use your own custom domain and automatic SSL to make your customers feel like they never left your website.

Content insights

Content insights are a way of getting more out of your knowledge base. With content insights, you can see which articles perform well and which need your attention. You can also use this information to inform your strategy for writing new articles.

Content insights
Sorting and subcollections

Sorting and subcollections

Organize your knowledge base into as many levels as you like, using collections and subcollections. Any article can be added to multiple collections, making it easy for your customers to find what they're looking for.

People are loving Notiondesk ❤️

Our mission is to create the best way to help you build a customer self-service. See what others are saying about us.

We started using Notiondesk a few months ago, and we are loving it! It is such a great Notion integration. Berdrigue is always there to answer questions, and help out.

We use Notiondesk to manage our internal knowledge management. It is a very good alternative to the simple use of Notion, whose limited layout sometimes hinders learning for teams. Thanks to Notiondesk, we find the UX/UI of a classic FAQ. The teams find their way around more easily, use the search bar more easily, and therefore consult the articles. As for the management teams, they can directly create an architecture and articles from concept, it's very simple to do - so there are fewer obstacles for writing documentation. The little extra: The stats that let you know what readers think about the content of our articles. For the moment, the experience is very conclusive, and I, therefore, recommend 100% for this internal use.

If you want to quickly and easily create a Help Center for your SaaS, Notiondesk is the way to go!

Notiondesk definitely seems like a good option for businesses seeking to create their own simple knowledge base service.

Great product backed by a great team! Love keeping everything in Notion and not sacrificing on a high quality support experience for our customers.

We were able to build a help center on top of your Notion documents, which saves hours upon hours of work each week. Our team is twice as productive now.

I wanted something simple and customizable to build my help center for StreamCompanion. I tried several solutions and fell in love with Notiondesk! As a big user of notion this tick all the boxes.

I'm super impressed with Notiondesk! It's been a few days and they've already updated it with new features. Kudos to them.

We really like the simplicity of Notiondesk. We just started using it and are impressed with how easy it to manage your knowledge base and publish articles for our customers.
Keep up the good work!

Notiondesk has enhanced our customer-facing knowledge base significantly. We have 4 separate sites as our customer audience streams are distinctly different and we needed to make relevant information easy to find. The Notiondesk multi-site option suited us perfectly, and as we already used Notion for our internal purposes, it's been very complementary. The search functionality is great, as is the ability to create collections and attach articles across multiple collections. Far and away the best Notiondesk 'feature' has been the incredible support we've received from Berdrigue along the way. From non-stop setup questions to his responsiveness to enhancements, we've been truly delighted with how quickly and thoroughly all support requests have been managed. We're looking forward to seeing how Notiondesk continues to iterate over time!

Amazing tool! An amazing founder that is super hands-on and super open with everything that you needed to achieve the things that you want for your company Helpdesk!


Create your help center while staying on Notion.

Focus on providing great content to your customers and we'll do everything else to help you build a professional knowledge base self-service.

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